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About Marsha Marcuson


My paintings and designs cover a range of subjects and styles, but my main focus is always on color and movement.  Some of my favorite subjects have been foliage, flowers and landscapes because of the way they encourage variety and flexibility in the creation of the painting.    I most often work with oils and acrylics because of the textures and the way that layering creates depth—layers of paint coming together to create a different result every time.  I never think of “making a statement” with my work, but rather to express a mood or to just to enjoy the colors and shapes.




A background. . .

Growing up surrounded by the rolling hills and golden wheat fields of eastern Oregon undoubtedly set a framework for my journey into painting.  But, in spite of, or because of, my background in a small town, I am drawn to  aspects of both the city and the country. That’s where I see my art---taking from various parts of my life---ranging from representational to impressionistic and some abstraction.  Starting my art training at age 12 with weekly art lessons, I learned the basics of color, design, and paint techniques.  Through the years, I have experimented with numerous media and various projects, classes, and courses.  Since getting back into taking my art “seriously” in 2000, I have participated in numerous shows and exhibits and have received several awards.

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